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‘Charleston’ by Alan Hannah


We’ve been having some fun throughout this month of December, taking a closer look at some of our gowns and how they can inspire your wedding day vision! Here’s a quick look at what Day 5 had to offer:

Day 5 of our December Discovery – “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

As spoken by the beloved Jay Gatsby; those words ring true to many and the Jazz Age depicted in the much loved film still inspires weddings to this day. Think elegance, drama and sophistication with striking notes of black and gold. Bring Hollywood Glamour to your day with your groomsmen dressed in sharp tuxedos and your bridemaids in dazzling gowns. Feel like the queen of High Society in the of-the-era ‘Charleston’ by Alan Hannah and don’t forget to adorn your hair with a vine such as ‘Osbourne’ by Miranda Templeton Tiaras. Take your wedding journey back through time and re-live the Roaring Twenties!

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