8 Tips to finding your Perfect Wedding Dress

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Follow our advice for brides and we guarantee you will enjoy your day…

Tip 1: Do your Homework

Use the variety of resources available to you to get an idea of what you are looking for. Magazines, websites and designers are good places to start looking.

Tip 2: Timing- Start your search 12-18 months before your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy it.

  • Try to order your wedding dress 9-12 months prior to your wedding day. If you have less than 9 months, boutiques offering a great service will do everything they can to help you find your perfect wedding dress – although if you leave it too late, it may reduce the choice of dresses available.
  • Choose your accessories when your actual wedding dress has arrived. It is better for you to decide on your accessories when you are actually standing in your dress and have decided on the theme of your wedding. We order dresses to arrive in our bridal shop in Kenilworth for two months before your wedding date, which is plenty of time to choose all those little extras, including shoes!

Tip 3: Try to keep an open mind

When looking for your wedding dress, explore different shapes, fabrics, colours and designs and see how your ideas develop – you might look at something completely different to what you initially thought you would choose!

Some brides-to-be can find their perfect wedding dress during their first visit to our bridal boutique, but others like to try four or five different places before they start to narrow down their search. If you have the time and energy to visit many places then do so, you will soon get a good feeling as to what you do like and what you do not like.

Tip 4: Choosing the Gown

Remember to ask about the cost of alterations, especially if you are working to a strict budget. The costs can vary widely between boutiques. All good boutiques will give you a detailed quotation and if you have taken pictures, you have everything you need to make decisions before your next visit.

Enquire about the timing of fittings too as you want this to be relatively close to the big day to ensure a good fit.

Tip 5: Placing your Order & Payment

You will usually need to sign a contract and pay a deposit. The deposit will vary but it is usually 50% of the price of the gown and any other items you order. Your deposit is non-refundable so make sure you are 100% happy with your decision. The balance of the cost of your gown and any accessories is usually due once your own gown has arrived. Again, this varies between boutiques.

Tip 6: Fittings

The number of fittings will vary depending on the gown – and whether you have opted for a made to measure, toile fitting or standard size dress. The minimum number of fittings should be two.

Your checklist of items to take for fittings:

  • Shoes – to ensure the right length of your gown
  • Underwear – that you intend to wear on the day
  • Bra – with straps to correctly position the bust line

Tip 7: Collection & Transportation

Bridal boutiques will expect you to take your gown home as soon as it arrives, which could be up to 6 weeks before the wedding. At Quello, we will store your dress and steam it until you are ready to collect it before your big day. We also advise on hanging the gown in the car and tips on how to store it to keep the dress in perfect condition, even when traveling abroad.

Tip 8: On your Big Day

Your gown should be the last thing you put on. Give yourself at least 25 minutes with your gown and all your accessories on to relax and appreciate just how stunning you look. All that time spent on your search for the perfect wedding dress will definitely have been worth it!

Bear the above in mind and you are on your way to a perfect day – if you need any more help, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact Quello Bride and make an appointment.

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